The Wisdom family has a known history in tiling for 5 generations. In the past, the Wisdom sons worked for large tiling contractors such as Carters and in each generation the boys took up the tiling trade. In the past and present generations the Wisdoms have tiled in many famous locations including Buckingham Palace, London Underground and many famous and influential people’s residencies. Our reputation has been built upon years of knowledge and understanding. With lots of skilled trades the families no longer continue the trade down the line and therefore a lot of the old skills have died. However, with the Wisdom family background and generations of knowledge we are able to train our staff in some of the forgotten traditions as well as keeping abreast of ever changing techniques and regulations.

Some 30 years ago when times started changing Ron Wisdom and Brian Denham started a contracting business winning contracts with up and coming new developers such as Berkeley Homes and Gleesons. The present generation, headed by Stuart Wisdom, started his own company some 20 years ago and has now expanded into retail and importing of tiles. The vast growth of the industry within Europe has lead to an exciting range of new tiles being produced and these are proving ever popular now in the UK.

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